Iridium Launch

Ron Rennie (
Mon, 18 May 1998 12:14:15 -0700 (PDT)

I have just arrived back from a ride up to the area south of San Francisco
for a meeting with some friends interested in old Brit motorcycles.   I
planned to stop on the way up and look for the Iridium launch from somewhere
on the Montrey Peninsula as originally scheduled on Friday.   But of course,
I didn't see anytthing.    I thought no more about it until on my return
trip riding down Hiway 101 I spotted the unmistakable twisted exhaust trail
of a rocket launch off to my right side.  The time was a little before 2:30
pm, which would agree with the actual launch time of 2:18  pm.   I have been
out of touch for the whole weekend which was a pity because if I had known
about the new launch time I could have looked over to my right and seen
something of the launch!

On another note;   I will be leaving for a trip to Europe in two weeks time
and would like to Unsubscribe from this listing during that time.   The
problem is that I do not have the administrative Email address.   Would
somebody please oblige and send me that address by seperate Email.

Thank you.

Ron Rennie