Re: Raduga 33 flashes seen from San Antonio, Texas

Jason Hatton (
Mon, 18 May 1998 09:24:26 +0000

Ed Cannon wrote:
> Sunday evening I observed 10 consecutive one-power flashes
> from Raduga 33 (23794, 96-10A) from San Antonio, Texas
> (29.40N, 98.66W, 180m).  The first flash that I saw occurred
> at about 3:54:20 on May 11 UTC.  The brightest were brighter
> than any of the nearby stars of Ursa Major.  

I had a nice binocular & naked eye observation of Raduga 33 last night
also. I spotted it initially using binoculars flashing at mag+5 to +6 at
around 21:10 UT, 17 May 98 (I have exact timings, but those are on my
desk at home). gradually the flashes got brighter, so I tried observing
it naked eye. Sure enough some of the flashes were bright enough to see
naked eye, the brightest was at least mag +2 around 21:20 UT.
Interestingly the flash period for naked eye observations was
consistent, approx 16.8sec, whilst in binoculars the interval between
flashes varied, but were always multiples of 4.2 sec. At the time of
observation the range to the satellite was in the order of 7000km &
approx. elevation = 500, azimuth = 2700. 

Best wishes & clear skies,

Jason P Hatton
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