ETS-6 observation

Tony Beresford (
Mon, 18 May 1998 00:09:45 +0900

Alerted by a phone call from  a friend Joe Grida,
he was having a look at the stars from a holiday
shack , and found a satellite 6 degressN of Spica,
flashing away naked eye every 18 seconds
I then found it myself and timed 4 sets of 5 flashes, and got
a peroid of 18.46 secs +or - .01 sec. A linear
extrapolation from my april 2-April 17 obs gives 18.62
A check with highfly confirms ETS-6 in the right place.
I noticed secondary flashes in 7x50 binoculars that
I havent seen during observations in April.
Tony Beresford