very short and bright flare/flash/???

Marco Hahn (
Thu, 14 May 1998 23:10:00 +0200

While waiting for a Iridium 56 flare, I noticed a very short and bright f=
It was unlike anything I've ever seen: very short (probably less than 0.2
seconds) and bright (at least 5m; much, much brighter than Vega). Immedia=
after the flash nothing was seen, the limiting magnitude for my unadapted=
was between 3 and 2m. No secondary flashes within 5 seconds were seen. I =
how such flashes originate?

Checking against the el980509-file, I found the following satellite: USSP=
23323 (94 68A, IRS-P2) to be a good match.

Hej d=86, Marco