New Iridium elsets

Ron Lee (
Fri, 15 May 1998 06:54:04 -0600


I just ran the elsets Jim posted (based upon Keith Stein's data)
against the one I submitted a week ago.   Mine is good for the
launch site but BAD for on-orbit locations.

Jim's is good for on-orbit but bad for launch.

If I recall correctly, there was one launch where my elsets were
off quite a bit.  I would assume by that observation that a RAAN
change occurred during launch or early on-orbit.  Other than that,
I have no reason to explain the disparity in the two elsets.  

I would note that mine give a 20 second late arrival time since I 
assumed a 21:28:30 UT launch instead of the nominal 21:28:06 UT.

My only suggestion is to run predictions using both elsets and be prepared
to scan both tracks.