Progress M-39 launch data

Agapov Vladimir (
Thu, 14 May 1998 23:44:30 +0400 (MSD)


Launch of Progress M-39 is scheduled on May 14 at 22:12:59 UTC.
Nominal EFG vector at the separation time is following:

Time, MET    00:08:48.82
X, km         362.900
Y, km        4117.720
Z, km        5091.180
Vx, km/s    -7.454280
Vy, km/s    -0.393540
Vz, km/s     0.845070

Nominal orbit is 193x245 km, 51.65 deg, 88.57 min.
Preliminary times of the first two burns of Progress M-39
are 01:48 (dV ~23 m/s) and 02:35 (dV ~17 m/s)  UTC on May 15.

Preliminary docking time is 23:50 UTC on May 16.

Progress M-38 will be undocked from the Mir station at ~18:44 UTC
on May 15 and probably perform 4 additional manoeuvres which should
be observed by spectrometers on the Mir's board. If they will all
but one should be visible from Earth since will take place in
it's shadow. Preliminary burn times are 19:11, 19:33:15, 19:42:20
and 19:51:30 UTC on May 15. After that Progress M-38 will be
deorbited over the Pacific (deorbit burn time is 21:39:00 UTC).

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