Holy Smokes!

Earl Needham (kd5xb@amsat.org)
Tue, 12 May 1998 21:31:00 -0600

	I know many on the list saw CNN's report on the failed booster at White
Sands this morning.  At least I THINK they probably have.
	This morning I drove to Albuquerque for free training on STK, the
Satellite Tool Kit software.  Between about 0515 and 0525 LCL, I saw an
interesting phenomena.
	Venus was in the western sky.  At least I thought it was.  Then I noticed
it was going straight up at an unbelievable rate.  Then a contrail came out
of the side and "Venus" went in a corkscrew.  The contrail stopped, and
"Venus" continued upward until out of sight.

	Can you imagine how I felt watching this and living in NEW MEXICO, barely
80 miles north of that town that starts with "ROS"?  ;-)

	Anyway, the contrail was really something to see.


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