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Mark Nall (msnall@hotmail.com)
Sun, 10 May 1998 13:09:19 PDT

Hi All,

As a long time observer of variable stars ( AAVSO ), I know that 
"seeing" can vary widely from one region of the sky to next. So
I have an observing tip for those wishing to submit  Iridium reports:

When picking a comparison star or planet, try to choose one nearest to 
the area where the flare is predicted to occur, so that both are in the 
same region of sky. This should prove more conveniant for the observer 
as well as possibly improving the quality of the data produced.

This "tip" is not going to impact bright flares (- 1.0) at all, but you 
might be surprised how it would help fainter (+2.0) ones.

Just a suggestion,

Mark S. Nall
37.171N  89.988W  123m

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