Possible re-entry of STEP-2 Pegasus deb(?)

Jeremy Nall (jbnall@clas.net)
Sun, 10 May 1998 12:24:43 -0500

Hi All,

On May 7, while waitting for the now infamous Irid. 5 to flare (it was a
no-show). I saw what might have been a re-entry event.

At 21:07 CDT, it appeared at an RA & DEC of 12h 5m +9.0 deg. (approx.) and
it moved due east. Initially as bright as Spica (alpha Virgo), it was
visable for more than a minute to the naked eye. The declining light-curve
was not smoothe, it appeared to "pulse" at about 1-2 second intervals.

Alan Pickup's decay list #53 makes STEP-2 Pegasus deb (24423, 94-29 SB) a
likely candidate. Although, I can find no other confirmation using SatSpy

Mark S. Nall
37.171N    89.988W   123m