Re: Re-entry of Cosmos 2350 Proton r observed

Willie Koorts (
Fri, 8 May 1998 14:04:13 +0200 (GMT+0200)

Me again

Alan reminded me that I did not send derectional data in my report 
yesterday.  Here is it:

1. A Mr Putter was in the bush between the Saries Mountains and Sossusvlei
and saw it moving in a Northerly direction somewhere East of him without
decending. He thought it to be no less than a kilometer away and about 500 -
600 meters from the horizon.  He is the one that heard no sound so the
distance is obviously wrong but might translate into an Alt. of +- 45

2. Mr. van Rooyen was on the South African side of the Noordoewer border post
saw it about 60 degrees above the horizon moving in a North-easterly
direction steadily decending. It was very bright to him and about three
minutes after it disappeared over the horizon he heard the explosion. 

3. Mr. Fest was camping about 180km from Keetmanshoop (direction unknown from
report) and saw it moving in a Northerly direction.  It also disappeared
behind his horizon and heard the same sound as (2) about four minutes after
that (coming from a Southerly direction?).

4. Another report I got since was (from memory) something like this:
People who were camping in the Orange River area apparently saw it for about
2 minutes - the chap had enough time to wake up his wife and the rest of the
camp and they all saw it - they also report hearing it thump about 5 minutes
later. The direction of travel was SW to NE. 

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