Observing Program of the BWGS

Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@mail.unicall.be)
Thu, 7 May 1998 23:41:16 +0200 (MET DST)

Observing Program of the BWGS

The Belgian Working Group Satellites has been active in collecting flash
period measurements since 1987. Our priority list contains over 300

New in the E-mail archive : Overview of BWGS program (including recent 

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Send a message with Subject: archive get program/satmay98.txt
  to the same address, to get accompanying notes by Kurt Jonckheere (Satorama).
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SATORAMA (=satmay98.txt, observations in PPAS7-08.OBS)

Our observing programme can be found in the Program.rob file.
It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

b       flashing object for beginners
d       difficult to measure
S       steady object, potentially flashing in the future
?       flash period is unknown or uncertain
-       long flash period (>40 s)
!       top-priority object
	regular object
x       DRA object
g       geostationary object

Special remarks

Top-priority objects :
78- 16 C !     10669, flashing period going down slowly !
78-109 J !     11136/C1 Kosmos 1051-1058: probably accelerated !
81- 84 B !     12792/C1 Kosmos 1302: accelerated in February ?!?
85- 79 B !     16012/C1 Kosmos 1680, accelerated !?
85- 94 G !     16144/F2 Tsyklon K1690-1695, accelerating ?
87-  6 B !     17304/C1 K1814; MMJUMP + accelerated !
87- 49 B !     18096/C1 Kosmos 1850: accelerated again !!
87-106 B !     18710/C1 K1904, accelerated in February ?!?
91-  7 B !     21090/C1 Kodmos 2123 : accelerated !?!
91- 19 B !     21153/C1 Nadezhda 3: has accelerated ! + MMJump
91- 46 A !     21533/Gorizont 23 geosat with slowly decreasing period !
92- 30 J !     21984/C1 Kosmos 2187-2194: accelerated or half period ?
92- 76 B !     22220/J1 Zenit,Kosmos 2219: accelerated ?!
94- 56 A !     23230/Kiku 6 = ETS 6, accelerating !
95- 12 B !     23527/C1 Kosmos 2310: MMjump, accelerating !
96- 15 B !     23817/Ariane 44P R/B, GTO, accelerated ?
96- 37 B !     23941/3d stage Toms EP, flashing, accelerating !

NEW objects:
69- 13 B g     NEW3692/Transtage Titan 3C, detected flashing by Tony Beresford
71- 93 A       5580/Prospero (Black Arrow) NEW, discovered by Jason Hatton
73- 58 B       6797/ NEW, rediscovered by Ed Cannon and Jason Hatton
75- 91 B       8331/Atlas Centaur, NEW rediscovered by Kurt Jonckheere, GTO
78- 12 A h     10697/IUE NEW, discovered flashing by RIK
87- 62 A -     18214/Cosmos 1869, long period, NEW, discovered by Walter Nissen
89-  4 A       19765/NEW Gorizont 17, flashing, discovered by Kurt Jonckheere
89- 62 B       20169/ NEWNEW Hipparcos, flashing !
93- 77 B       22928/ Atlas 2 AS Centaur, NEW discovered by Jason Hatton

247 observations received from 20 observers :

AB      Anthony Beresford       Adelaide                  Australia
ANO     Antero Olkkonen         Ristiina                  Finland
DAP     David Alan Pickup       Edinburgh                 Scotland
DG      Doyle J. Groves         Noblesville, Indiana      USA
EC      Ed Cannon               Austin, Texas             USA
EL      Ed Light                Lakewood, NJ              USA
ER      Eero Rantalaiho         Varkkala                  Finland
JDG     Don Gardner                                       USA
JPH     Jason Hatton            Strasbourg                France
KJ      Kurt Jonckheere         Antwerpen                 Belgium
LB      Leo Barhorst            Alkmaar                   The Netherlands
MM      Michael M. McCants      Austin, Texas             USA
MR      Mike Rosseel            Oostende                  Belgium
PDV     Patrick Devreese        Moen                      Belgium
RE      Russell Eberst,         Edinburgh,                Scotland
RGL     Ron Lee                 Falcon                    USA
RIK     Richard Keen,           Coal Creek		  USA
RM      Rob Matson              Belmont Shore, CA         USA
TC      Tristan Cools           Brugge                    Belgium
WN      Walter Nissen           Silver Spring             USA

Next deadline for sending in observations: June 8, 1998
to Kurt Jonckheere, Noendries 15, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
or by e-mail to ppas@lists.satellite.eu.org

All observations are appreciated very much.

If you send your observations to Seesat-L, please also send them
DIRECTLY to ppas@lists.satellite.eu.org.  This is just a
small amount of additional work for you, but it makes life much easier
for me.

Happy observing,

    Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@unicall.be)  51.2 N  2.9 E  4m ASL 
   (Old accelerations : http://uc2.unicall.be/kjonckheere/index.htm) 
    observations collector for the Belgian Working Group Satellites: 
Send your observations of flashing satellites, preferrably in the correct
             PPAS format to ppas@lists.satellite.eu.org