Asiasat 3/HGS-1

7 May 1998 12:15:24 -0800

Hi Tyler,

My date was off in my prior report to you about Asiasat 3:

> Did a little check to see when Asiasat 3 makes its next perigee flyby.
> Looks like May 7th at around 4:26 UT.  Perigee is just northeast of =
> Unfortunately, it occurs during the daytime there.

Screwed up with the international date line.  Actual date is May 8th UTC.
Still, this time is in disagreement with the STK web site which says that
the translunar injection burn is supposed to occur around 9pm EDT on
the 7th, which is 1am UTC May 8.  I guess that's one of the problems
of (mis)using SDP4 / HANDE for an object in such an elliptical orbit.
I just checked OIG (noon Thursday, PDT) to see if they had any more
recent elements on Asiasat 3/HGS-1, but they don't.  Perhaps by this
afternoon (when the satellite gets closer) they'll update the set.  --Rob