Asiasat 3/HGS-1

Tyler Donald Mackenzie (
Thu, 7 May 1998 15:11:40 -0300 (ADT)

Once again I'm wondering where Asiasat 3 is, though this is to satisfy  
academic curiosity than to go out and look at it (bad weather last few
days). Rob Matson sent me this:
Did a little check to see when Asiasat 3 makes its next perigee flyby.
Looks like May 7th at around 4:26 UT.  Perigee is just northeast of Guam.
Unfortunately, it occurs during the daytime there.
as well as an elset for it. I ran it on Satspy last weekend and it had the
next perigee around May 9th (if memory serves); I had assumed that the
elset/algorithm was inappropriate (ran both algorithms on Satspy - similar
result) and forgot about it. however, I have just checked the "where is
asiasat now" site
and it is well behind where i thought (perigee coming up in 1-2 days?). As
the news services said May 7th as well, I'm wondering if the site above is
running off the same elset I am and if that is wrong? any ideas?

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