Ir5 problem in MMA?

Igor G. Rozivika (
Wed, 6 May 1998 20:26:47 +0400 (MSD)

Hello all!

On 06 May 98 Robert Smathers wrote:
> I saw Iridium 5 flare (and iridium 61 and 34 also).  3 flare predictions,
>3 flares seen (but the Iridium 5 flare seemed to be more of a -3 or -4 mag...

I have checked up this flare with IridFlar1.61 and has found, that the flare was
called MMA = R!!! This flare was observed!

On 06 May 98 Jeff Poplin wrote:
> Caught Iridium 5 and 61 within 3 minutes of each other tonight. Location
>was Cumberland Knob Recreaction Area on Blue Ridge Parkway (36.55N...

I have checked up also this flare and has found, that the flare was called MMA =
R!!! This flare also was observed!

On 05 May 98 I wrote:
>On 25 Mar 98 I've also observe the "double" flare of Iridium 37 and Iridium 5
>at 0:03:09UT. The amplitude of a flare of Ir37 was about -1 (predicted -1.8).
>30 seconds after, in 0:03:40UT was predicted the "monster" flare of Ir5 (-6.6
>mag!). But I have seen nothing. The limiting magnitude of dimmest stars...

This flare was called by reflection from MMA = L!!! This flare was not observed!

There can be a reason of unobservable flares in MMA = L???
If who observed Ir5, check up the your records! I am interested in any comments.


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