RE: Will we be able to see HGS-1 (Asiasat)?

Tue, 5 May 1998 10:14:48 -0700

	According to this website:
the trans-lunar injection burn will occur at 9:00 PM EDT on May
7.  According to the Quicktime video at:
this burn will start near the equator, just off the Pacific coast
of S. America and continue until well over the Atlantic.  It's
hard to tell in the animation but both the satellite and the
ground appear to be in sunlight.  A better version of this
video (in mpeg) is at (mpeg1).
Sorry, Canada was not visible.


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Subject: Will we be able to see HGS-1 (Asiasat)?

1 25126U 97086A   98120.34697740 -.00003500 +00000-0 +00000-0 0 00851
2 25126 052.0670 064.9160 9602243 022.3600 359.9990 00.127910840 0256

Supposedly the last burn to send this satellite around the moon will
occur on 7 May (US Local time?).  I just tried to find the perigee and
if I am correct (no guarantee), the perigee occurs over central
Canada around 0218 UT on 8 May.

Can anyone determine if this is correct and provide an elset for AFTER
the last burn, along with the time of the burn?

Ron Lee