Iridium 5 out of control?

Chris Peat (
Tue, 5 May 1998 09:54:36 +0200

I read a couple of messages recently about Iridium 5 not showing up with a
flare when expected. Here is an extract from a message I received from Theo
Vermeesch in Holland which seems to confirm this. I intend to remove Iridium
5 from the list of valid "flarers" at our web site, at least temporarily.


Chris Peat, Anite Systems
Currently working at the German Space Operations Centre near Munich

---Forwarded message-------
>On 30 April I've observe the flare of Iridium 37 at 22:13:22, these
>flare are exact on time and magnitude -4. excellent !
>But the flare of Iridium 5, 36 sec.after the flare of Iridium 37,
>about on the same place (1 deg.higher) I see nothing.
>Do you know what it can be ? The sky was very clear.