Iridium 11 or 56 blinking object?

Jost Jahn (
04 May 1998 23:29:00 +0100

Bodenteich, den 04.05.98

Hallo seesat-l,

I observed at 1998 May 04 at 21:04 UTC the predicted appearence of Iridium  
11 and Iridium 56. The first should be -2 and the last -6 at Bodenteich  
(10.651 east and 52.837 north). Because I observed them only for fun I  
have no exact time. I observed a bright -6 reflection satellite, fllowed   
about 40 seconds later the flashing satellite (period about 3-4 second)  
with about the same magnitude (peaks short, about 1/4 seconds or shorter).
Both satellites are visible from +3 mag about 2 minutes or so.

Experts will know which satellite is now rotating or what it was...



Jost Jahn, Bodenteich, FAX: 0581-31165