Iridium 5 no-show

Curtis Haase (
Mon, 4 May 1998 16:23:35 -0400

I can confirm Craig Cholar's observation that Iridium 5 did not flare
on May 4 (UT).  From my location in Dallas Tx, Iridium 34 was predicted
to flare to magnitude -5.1 at 2:51:57 UT, with Iridium 5 predicted to reach
magnitude -8.2 less than a minute later (at 2:52:43 UT).  I had good
observing conditions (limiting magnitude was 2.5 -- due to moon and
urban light dome) and Iridium 34 flared  right on schedule (verified by
WWV timing), but Iridium 5 was not visible at all (naked eye observation).
I rechecked the IRIDFLAR predictions using fresh elements from OIG
today, and they were unchanged.  Has Iridium 5  (24795, 1997-020D)
done some attitude control maneuvering?

Curtis Haase
Dallas, Texas  (32.8260 N, 96.8310 W, 148 m)