Re: SeeSat, TLEs, and Y2K

Tony Beresford (
Mon, 04 May 1998 16:09:34 +0900

At 18:25 3/05/98 -0700, Allen Thomson wrote:
>Just to be trendy, is the satellite watchers' community going
>to experience any Y2K problems? I.E., are any of the popular
>prediction programs going to go psychotic on 99365.99999?
>And how is SPACECOM going to handle the epoch field?
This has already been discussed on seesat Allen, must be six months ago.

SPACECOM isnt going to do anything to the TLE format Allen. The programmes
that use the TLEs have to interpret year numbers such as year 00,
 as year 2000. They may or may not work currently, I know I havent yet
altered my venerable (1968-9) programme yet, but the extra coding
is trivial.
Since there cant be any ambiguity till 2057 they consider themselves covered.
I assume they have already built such an interpretation into their code.

TS Kelso has queried them about such matters. The answers appear
in his column in satellite times, and on the online form at his
Web site (
Tony Beresford