Great flash seen

Johannes Mueller (
Fri, 30 May 1997 22:23:06 -0400


on 05/30/1997 at 20:25:10 UT, during waiting for the proton rocket, I saw=
spectacular flash of a satellite. Sun elevation was about -7.4d, so there=

were only a few stars viewable. With naked eyes looking in west/north
direction, I suddenly noticed a 'Mir-like' object in NNW, elevation about=

50d (+-10). A few seconds before, there was nothing. Looking through my
10x70 Bino I saw it slowly moving through the sky in WNW-direction. But =

within a time of about 10 sec it became fainter and fainter, finally
nothing was seen in 10X70 Bino. This was at 20:25:25 UT.
It looked like a mag 10 to mag -1 to mag 10 flash :) .
Sorry, that I couldn't say more about position and direction, but the
unexpected observation lasted only a few seconds.

Proton rocket was again a great observation (for me the last before decay=



Johannes M=FCller Irmtraut/Germany
Location: 50d33m15s N, 8d03m33s E, 354m, UT+2