Telstar 5 Proton R/B reentr

30 May 1997 14:54:01 -0800

Hi All,

Based on Tristan Cools' must recent observation of this decaying rocket body,
I thought I'd project forward to indicate possible land reentry locations. 
Assuming it hasn't reentered by 5/30 21:30 UT (the time as of this posting),
the ground track passes over the following locations:

21:37 Central America
21:40 Western Cuba
21:40:30 Just off the southeast end of Florida
21:41 Bahamas
21:55:30  South end of Scotland
21:56-21:57 Southern England
21:57-21:58 Northern France border w/Belgium
21:58-21:59 Southern Germany (e.g. Munich)
21:59-22:00 Central Austria
22:00 Southwest Hungary
22:00:30-22:01 Northeast Yugoslavia (incl. Belgrade)
22:01-22:02 Northern and Eastern Bulgaria
22:02:30-22:04:30 Northwest Turkey to south central Turkey
22:04:30-22:05:30 Central Syria
22:05:30-22:07 Southwestern Iraq
22:07-22:10 Eastern Saudi Arabia
22:10-22:11 Southwest Oman
23:07 Next landfall:  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
23:07-23:09 Central Mexico
23:09 Laredo, Texas
23:09-23:11 Southeast Texas on line from Laredo to the
Texas/Arkansas/Louisiana juncture
23:11-23:12  Arkansas (SW corner to NE corner)

(to be continued...)