Re: Improving elsets ; Was:Re: Norad 23907 MIA

Bjoern (")
Fri, 30 May 1997 13:09:41 +0200

I sent this mail from a temporary customer assignment, so please reply
to one of the addresses in my signature field, if there any further
comments, not posted to SeeSat-L. I will not be at every day.

I did read a reply from Craig Cholar, though.

Reading my posting from
I notice that there are lots of character substitutions that make
it hard to read. They are probably results of bad(?) MIME-encoding
when it was sent from cc:Mail, and I haven't found an option to
avoid this.

If your mail reader doesn't display those nicely, try saving the
message to a text file, and edit the strings =20 to space (only
trailing spaces on lines?) and then =3D to = (equal sign).

I hope this one isn't fouled up the same way - if so, the preceding
paragraph will be almost unintelligible! The bad strings are three
characters long: 'equal-2-zero' and 'equal-3-D' and should be
converted to single-character 'space' and 'equal'.


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