97- 26 B observed

Leo Barhorst (leobarhorst@pi.net)
Thu, 29 May 1997 23:01:41 +0200

Using Alan's prediction TLE's I just saw the Protonrocket that launched Telstar 5.
At 20:59 UT it was just below Beta Leo and moved quickly to Arcturus and on to the east 
where it entered the shadow.
I didn't observe any variations in its brightness, which I estimate at mag -1 or perhaps 
even more. It was quite brighter than Vega (Alpha Lyra).
If conditions are right I'll just be able to see it again tomorrow evening just after it 
gets dak enough at about 20:20 UT. That will be just hours before the predicted decay 
by Alan!
Greetings and clear skies

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