Attempted Solar Transit Observations

Robert Sheaffer (
Wed, 28 May 1997 09:59:36 -0700

Rob Matson sent me two predictions for solar transits from my
home location for Wednesday morning. Here are the results:

15:04:53 UT  Predicted transit of Cosmos 1145 (#11629), predicted
             size = 1.0". Predicted to be almost grazing at north
             side of sun, nothing seen. Thin clouds were obscuring
             sunspot details.

15:48:49     Predicted transit of Cosmos 2058 rocket (#20466). Clouds
             mostly gone, good contrast seen in two sunspots and 
             their surrounding faculae. "Something" seen to zip across
             the sun's disk at the right time, in the correct
             direction. However, instead of the predicted position,
             1:30 to 10:30 on a clock face, it was more nearly central,
             just north of the center line.

Equpiment: 300mm reflector, using 90mm off-axis solar filter,
60 power.

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