mystery object + obs

Tristan Cools (
Mon, 26 May 1997 19:05:44 +0200 (MET DST)


Some observations of 97-05-25:

93-1B: 8.7s Seen S by LB on 96-12-21, so it accelerated.
66-5A: one flare seen and lost but it is varying
62-39D: Last obs from Pierre Neirinck on 62-10-01: it is still varying with +-2s
97-17B: 6.48s on 97-04-12 by LB; now 2.2s: accelerated.

That same evening I saw a Mir-like object at 21:13 UTC with approximately
that same brightness of mag 0 to -1 moving from west to east with a maximum
culmination of(I guess) 40 degrees.  I could not make any positional
measurements because I was busy with another satellite at the same time.
Mir wasn't visible at that time and I could not find any reasonable
candidate which could become so bright.  Maybe it was at +- 400 km altitude.
So what is it: maybe a recently launched object ?

Tristan Cools
BWGS member(Belgian Working Group Satellites)

Damse Vaart:    3.2478E/51.2277N 3.75m
Rijckevelde:    3.2856E/51.2045N 6.25m
Brugge     :    3.2166E/51.2104N 5m