Re: USA 129 (spectacular glint)

Bram Dorreman (
Thu, 22 May 1997 09:31:31 GMT

Bill Krosney wrote:
<I was upstaged, and caught off-guard by a brilliant sat rising out of
<the south around 03:35 UT.  Easily surpassed Mars in magnitude
<(Mars is at 0.0) as it glinted for several seconds.  I took some good
<natured ribbing for not being able to id the brightest satellite we saw.
<Afterwards I ran the cs970515 Molczan file looking for a match.
<Based on the time (to the nearest minute or two), and direction,
<the only match I could find was for USA 129 (Norad 24680).
 etc. etc.
<Has anyone observed a bright glint from this sat before?
Yes, I tried for the first time to see this satellite on March 7th,
at 20:04 UT and it brightened to magnitude -4 during about 2 seconds.
That time estimate is however very inaccurate. The normal magnitude was +4.5
before and after this brightening.
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