STS water dump scheduled for 21May 03:07 UTC

Tue, 20 May 97 16:21:02 PDT

A NASA source sent me e-mail saying the next water dump from the shuttle
is scheduled for MET 5/19:00:00, or 03:07 UTC on May 21st, while the
shuttle is in darkness over South America.  The dump is supposed to
last about 1/2 hour.  Observers in portions of Western Europe may get
to see the ice cloud as Atlantis/Mir makes a pass about 21 minutes
after the dump has started.

Observers in N. Spain, W. France, W. England, Wales, and Ireland will
have the darkest skies.  The window lasts from about 03:28 to 03:34 UTC,
Wed. morning.

The same NASA source indicated that most likely this dump will not include
the excess water from the Mir.

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