Mir/Atlantis water dump

Mon, 19 May 97 13:39:16 PDT

I've received private e-mail from someone who works at the Manned
Spaceflight Center in Houston who kindly provided me with provisional
times for the next shuttle water dumps.

 FIRST DUMP    MET 5:18:00  This is an approximate time.
 SECOND DUMP   MET 7:18:00  This is also an approximate time.

(MET is Mission Elapsed Time, in days:hours:minutes)

The first dump, if it occurs at exactly 5:18:00 MET, looks like it will
take place in daylight over Kazakhstan.  However, should it occur only 13
minutes earlier at MET 5:17:47 (01:55 UTC) then observers in Western Europe
might be able to see at least part of the dump.  I don't know the relative
velocity of the particles to the shuttle, but perhaps it might be better if
the venting occurred, say, 1/2 hour earlier than scheduled to allow more time
for the ice particles to spread out.  I guess it's not likely, though.  They
would have to vent the water in darkness, and then the astronauts would
miss the show. :-)

Whether or not that particlar dump is the one that might include the 600
pounds of 'condensate' from the Mir, I don't know.  Hey, NASA!  How about
scheduling these dumps better?  I want to see what could turn out to be
"The Mother of All Water Dumps"!  :-)

 Craig Cholar    3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL
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