Mir/Atlantis water dump

Mon, 19 May 97 12:06:27 PDT

According to the Nasa Shuttle Web site at http://shuttle.nasa.gov/index.html
there may be a very large water dump very soon.

Excerpt from website, dated 19 May 1997, 1800 UTC...

>  Flight control teams are looking into a request that some
>  600 pounds of condensate stored on the Mir be dumped
>  overboard through the shuttle's systems.  Mission Operations
>  Director Lee Briscoe says that request was initiated by the
>  crews on orbit.
>  "The crew called down and said there's a lot of condensate
>  stored in containers on board.  They have some in the
>  Russian water containers.  They have it in some bags and a
>  number of different types of containers.  And usually they
>  collect all those up and then sometimes then they'll put it
>  in the Progress and go ahead and deorbit those with the
>  Progress.  And the question just came up, "Could we maybe
>  dump some of that water since we're going to do a waste dump
>  here in a day or so also?  Why couldn't we go ahead and dump
>  some of that waste condensate along with our waste dump and
>  extend the dump a little bit longer?"  In that way you could
>  save some of the bags, save some of the containers...
>  ...we'll be looking at that and we will probably have an
>  answer tomorrow morning whether or not we're going to do
>  that."

If anybody can find any specific information regarding what time
this dump might occur, please share it with the group.  I'd love
to see this!  I have several more opportunities to see Mir/Atlantis
in the mornings, before they undock Wed. night.

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