Unexpected satellite(s)

Edward S Light (light@argos.argoscomp.com)
Fri, 16 May 1997 09:04:34 -0400

Recent comments on seeing unexpected satellites were spectacularly hammered
home this morning!  My wife and I watched Mir pass (04:04 EDT=08:04 UT) and
while waiting for STS-84  (which made a fine pass at 04:17 EDT),  we saw an
extremely bright  (brighter than Vega, fainter than Jupiter)  "unknown" (at
the time, to us) object pass through our zenith heading towards the SE.
(Later checking revealed it to be 23596= 95-028A= Cosmos 2313;  we last saw
it intentionally in August and October 1995 at apparent magnitudes +2 to 3)

Clear and dark skies!
   Ed Light

Edward S. Light
Lakewood, NJ, USA
N 40.1072, W 074.2317, Hgt +21m