Russian launches

Agapov Vladimir (
Thu, 15 May 1997 18:35:19 +0400 (MSD)


Russian Military Space Forces (the VKS) successfully had launched
two spacecrafts during last 2 days.

Yesterday Kosmos-2342 was launched from LC43/4 of Plesetsk. Launch
took off at 003357.600 UTC. Today at 120959.515 Kosmos-2343 was
launched by Soyuz-U booster from LC31 of Baykonur. It was 1495th success space
launch of a launcher based on the R-7 ICBM, 666th launch of  Soyuz-U in
total score, 250th launch of Soyuz-U from Baykonur and 350th launch
in total score (including space launchers and ICBMs) from LC31 of

Next Russian launch will take place on May 20. It should be Zenit-2
from Baykonur. Telstar-5 on Proton-K with DM-4 upper stage should be
launched on May 24 (launch window 1632-1727 UTC). Launch of Progress M-35
delayed until Jun 10-15. Launch of Early Bird from Svobodniy is
rescheduled now from Jun 27 to mid July.

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