Re: Observations Sun Evening: 3 Surprises

Tristan Cools (
Tue, 13 May 1997 22:00:58 +0200 (MET DST)

>> 04:52:05   Unexpected satellite moving northward through Bootes
>>            and Ursa Major. Glint at mag 0, then faded to 4.
>>            Believed to be #23233, DMSP B5D2-7. Predicted mag 5.
>This is fairly common for the DMSP's.  I've seen several passes especially
>near zenith that show a relatively long and bright 'glint'.  They are not
>short repeating flashes such as  SPOT 3  or  MOA 1A are showing at the

True, I have a picture here of 20978/90-105A showing two glints in the order
of mag +1.
Some B5D2-DMSP satellites and especially this one also shows(sometimes), at
low elevations, a flash period of exactly 1.9 seconds.  Does someone know
were those flashes come from ?

Tristan Cools
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