Re: Decay of #24763 = Cosmos 2340 SL-6 platform
Sun, 11 May 1997 12:13:38 -0500

On Sun, 11 May 1997 16:54:44 +0100, Alan Pickup wrote:

>This object appears to be heading for decay about May 18.9, give or take
>a day or so. Russell Eberst observed it at midnight UT on May 8/9,
>seeing it steady at mag 6.8 at a range of around 500 km. There are both
>evening and morning passes for Edinburgh before decay, while I believe
>it is an evening object at less northerly latitudes.

 Ack!!  Ok, I guess I'm going to have to embarrass myself and ask a stupid

 Could you please tell me what part of the day(time) May 18.9 is?