Re: Sending high-res drawings

Ron Lee (
Fri, 9 May 1997 06:46:47 -0600 (MDT)

Another way I found to see Skymap type plots was as a JPG file.

First run Skymap and after getting the desires sky trace (F10),
hit the "Print Screen" button.  Then go into a image viewing program
like LVIEW, go to "Edit" then "Paste" and save as the desired file type.

It does not allow you to print the plot like a normal HP-GL file but it
should be viewable by anyone who can view a JPG file.

Ron Lee

At 12:38 97/5/09 +0200, you wrote:
>Bruno Tilgner wrote:
>>Despite all our high-tech gadgetry there seems to be no practical method
>>to send high-resolution images electronically.
>If the image is a line-type drawing, with or without area fill etc.,
>you can save it as a HP-GL file (like the SkyMap plot file!)
>This can be sent to a LaserJet4 printer or similar (or a HP plotter)
>, edited to extract (and enlarge) sections, or printed/viewed
>with rasterization programs like PrintGL (max resolution of input file
>32768*32768 ? default 1016 dpi). The output is still full device
>In Windows, add a "printer" e.g. of type HP7475A, and connect it to
>output port "FILE", and select that printer for program output.
>A similar technique is with PostScript to FILE, and a PostScript
>emulation program, like Ghostscript 3.51 (for users who don't 
>have access to a true PostScript printer)
>And the files are text files, so they can "easily" be sent with
>"all" mail systems (subject to size constraints).
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