Two unsolved obs
Wed, 07 May 97 23:37:52 +0100

On April 26th, around 21:12 UTC I observed a violently flashing satellite=
(period about 1-1.5s, maybe 2 magnitudes brightness difference) while 
waiting for JERS. Analysis of the track led me to conclude that it might =

have been USSPACECOM 6677 (73037 C). Several days later, I observed it 
again (under adverse conditions) and was not clearly able to confirm the =

flashing. Observing position was 54.456N, 9.622E, 25m ASL. My questions: =

Can anyone confirm the flashing? Depends the visibility of flashes on  th=
angle sun-satellite-observer?

This evening, May 7, around 20:52 UTC, while waiting for Cosmos 2313, my =

attention was drawn to an easily visible satellite (around magnitude 1.6 =

at RA 16h31m, Decl 22=B012') that seems to be USSPACECOM 24670 (96069 A).=
Using the formula given in QUICKSAT.DOC that evaluates to a standard 
magnitude of about 2m, so this might be an easy to catch satellite. I'd 
like to get a confirmation on this observation, too. Observing position 
was 54.317N, 10.133E, 30m ASL.

Greetings, Marco