Re: 97 20E,F elsets

Ron Lee (
Wed, 7 May 1997 10:25:13 -0600 (MDT)


I lost ALL my satellite web links (cry). I just did a search for Iridium
and did not find it.   From memory (watch out), the parking orbit is what
you see now..about 352 n. mile.   After two weeks, the orbits will be 
raised to about 422 n. mile.

Why the F object was raised (if it was raised after deploying the five
satellites), is unknown.  The preliminary elset I submitted with your
corrections would have been close enough to easily find the objects about
14 hours after launch.

I have done no other checks to see how it would have diverged with time.
In some ways, it is not relevant since good elsets where available within
hours anyway.  I will have to further study your posting so that I fully
understand your concerns.  It takes me a while at times since my grasp
of this subject is not par with yours.

There is a 35 degree pass tonight (clouds may interfere) along with a 
nearly parallel pass by the F object.

Ron Lee