Re: Re**3: Updated TiPS TLEs

Robert Sheaffer (
Sun, 4 May 1997 10:47:22 -0700 (PDT)

> A few minutes go, on sunday may 03 at 20:26 and 22:15 UT
> thus two times, I tried to track TiPS from the hereunder aux. coord.
> At 20:26 it should have passed az. 347 alt. 16
> At 22:15 it should have passed az. 322 alt. 20
> Both times I missed it...
> It was with a 80 mm refractor F=400 eyepiece 40 mm, thus a large field.
> The optic was aimed onto the right position by means of coders.
> I saw nothing.

A few weeks ago, there were several favorable TiPS passes over California,
and I tried seeing it, using the elements in the Molczan set. I, too, was
unable to observe it, using wide-angle binoculars (although I think
that I may have glimpsed it once very briefly). Could there be some
reason that TiPS is getting harder to see? Or perhaps our elements
sets are in error?


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