Observations: MOS 1; Solar Transits?

Robert Sheaffer (sheaffer@netcom.com)
Fri, 2 May 1997 16:18:17 -0700

Observations 2 May 1997 UT  (Thurs PM/ Fri AM)

05:43:57 UT   Brilliant flash seen from MOS 1 (#17527), approx
              same magnitude as Mars (-1?).
05:44:03      another less brilliant flash. Faded to Mag 4/5 between.
05:45:52      Final visible flash.

Rob Matson and Alphonse Pouplier gave me some predictions of possible
solar transits. All observations were made at my home location, below.
Seeing relatively good. Uneven texture of solar disk visible (probably
sunspots in formation). 90MM off-axis solar filter on 300mm reflector.

14:59:46     Cosmos 1782 R/B (#16987). Possibly glimpsed about that
             time, but cannot confirm. Something
 (probably a bird) 
             was seen to clearly cross the sun's
 disk at 15:00:32.

15:44:25     Meteor 1-6 R/B (#04584). Something possibly glimpsed,
             but at 15:44:53, on north part of solar disk.

15:55:54     Cosmos 1763 R/B (#16864). Pretty definite observation of 
             "something" crossing southern part of solar disk at 
             15:55:56. Was able to see it go all the way across.

16:26:50     Mir (#16609). Nothing seen.

Was also looking out for possible Iridium launch from Vandenberg
at 15:12. If it happened, I couldn't see it.

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