Re:Updated TiPS TLE

Fri, 2 May 97 15:23:51 PDT

I'd like to thank Mike McCants for posting the TiPS elements.  I had stupidly
maligned the accuracy of the older elements dated 97067 in the Molczan file.
Had I checked my notes more carefully before posting, I would have discovered
the it wasn't the Molczan TiPs elements that were off by 20 seconds or more,
but other, more recent ones I had obtained elsewhere. I thought the 97067
elements were included in my tests, but they weren't.  If they had been,
I would have seen their accuracy and wouldn't have bothered posting the
supposedly 'improved' one.

A lesson learned:  I'll be less quick to discard certain 'mature' elsets
just because some bright, shiny new upstart shows up.  Especially when the
older elsets are hand-crafted by the experts, who, unlike myself, know
what they doing.  :-)

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