Re: STS-77 Reentry Observed (!)

Jim Varney (
Thu, 30 May 1996 21:47:51 -0700

Floyd Weaver asked about my reentry video:
>> I shot some 8mm video.  The orange-red color registered on the tape; ion 
>> trial is visible on playback as well.  The shuttle was so bright that it 
>> overloaded the CCD in my camera...!
>   Is there any way to get this into a video file format that I could 
>download and view on a computer? I am one of these folks that live in the 
>wrong place to see reentries.

I would very much love to convert this into an MPEG and upload it to
Neil's FTP site.  Floyd, just send that "Snappy" or video capture card
to me whenever you like.  I'll even pay for the shipping :)

Kidding aside, I'm beating the bushes right now trying to do just what you

You're not alone "being in the wrong place."  After STS-78 so will I.
There are no more 39 degree missions planned after July's STS-78, so my
luck will run out... and STS-78 will be inferior to -77, as that reentry
will be in twilight here.

Philip Chien wrote:

>Yeah, those of us in Florida don't get to see much of reentries either!

Trade ya.  Trade ya my reentry for your launch! :)

Good Passes,