Unknown obs identified

Leo Barhorst (leobarhorst@pi.net)
Sun, 26 May 96 18:50:28 PDT

Using Skymap and old elementsets retrieved from the archives I was able
to identify some of my old observations which I reported to PPAS as un-

At the end of PPAS92.obs 17 unknowns are listed.
In the archives at *oxford* and *lpl.seds.arizona* I found old Molczan
elements: CS920809 and CS921205; unfortunately no elements earlier than
June 1992.

92-999 F - no candidate(s) found.

92-999 H - probably 88- 53 B  19257  C1954 r; although brighter than in
other PPAS reports.

92-999 K - no candidate(s) found.

92-999 L and M - identified as 83- 42 B, based on the FP. On 921223 it
seen by TC with 22.5 sec. 
An other could have been 81- 33 B. In PPAS is an obs by MM on 920523:
slowly var and the next obs is by TC on 930404: 12.98 s.

In PPAS94.obs are listed 94-903 LB and 94-904 LB; both obs from one sat.
Using elset EL940410 I identified them as 93- 67 B. TC made an obs less
then a minute later with about the same FP.

In PPAS95.obs we finf 95-999 A. Using elset EL950212 it turned out to be
94- 83 B. Seen by BD on 950218 at 1.93 sec.

I've made more obs of unknown; but I don't have elements around the times
of observing. Can someone tell me were to find these, other than in the
above mentioned archives?

Name: Leo Barhorst    Alkmaar (Neth) 
52 deg 38 min N      4 deg  47 min E     2 m ASL
E-mail: leobarhorst@pi.net   also a member of Seesat-L