Re: Positional Requirements
Sat, 25 May 1996 10:03:42 -0500

LS>R.B. Minton wrote:

LS>> Can someone tell me the positional requirements to compute ones' own TLE's
LS>> Is 3 widely spaced positions the minimun, time to 1 sec., position to 0.1
LS>> degree, and either 1950 or 2000 epochs - and does someone usually post the
LS>> TLE when raw positions are posted ??  Thanks.
LS>> R. B. Minton

LS>Please, can someone (Mike McCants?) write a little basic article
LS>about positional measurement and pass on these data to a computer
LS>programm like FITELEMENT. Perhaps with a simple example for beginner.

LS>It is possible to get elements from observations without a
LS>previous element set ?



I am also interested in this capability.  I have no need to supplement
the great work done by others here but I would like to improve my
own ability to generate elements from obs, update elements from obs
and determine residuals to improve the accuracy of those obs.

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