MIR Space Station

Myrton T. Smith II (mts@usa1.com)
Sat, 25 May 1996 08:55:30 +0000

Awesome weather conditions for the Boston and New England area during
	the night of May 24th into the 25th provided excellant viewing of the
	Mir Space Station passing nearly overhead in the Boston, Mass. area.

	I called another all nighter ham (N1OSG/Andy) and told him of its 
	approach at 07:43 utc. What a spectacular sight as Mir approached from
	the southwest into the northeastern sky. 

	Sunlight was barley discernable on the eastern horizon and Mir was in
	a yellow/white glow and quite visible from my home 5km north and away
	from the city lights of Boston where Andy was watching from atop a high
	rise condo roof.

	If you haven't seen, do it. What a sight and luckly for me a pair of
	7x35 binoculars made viewing awesome over naked eye.... ..

	I called for Astronaut Dr. Shanon Lucid, but heard nothing on either the
	noramal 145.550 Mcs simplex, nor on 143.625 Mcs simplex, but it was well
	worth being outside for this pass anyway.... ..

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