Re: Newspaper Announcements

Jim Varney (
Fri, 24 May 1996 23:32:05 -0700

Sid Miller wrote:

>    If your local newspaper does not mention that the shuttle
>will be visible from your location, consider sending them
>an announcement (or "news release"). was 
>featured on the front page

Excellent!  I also did a press release to the local paper, but the
article wasn't exactly front page.  Er, it wasn't in the front
section, and, er, it wasn't on the front page of the second section,
either, and, ahem, you get the idea :)

Television news is another media we can share our shuttle-observing

Last year I did a video tape of STS/Mir passing over a crescent
moon.  I called the local TV newsroom right after I made the tape to
see if they were interested... they asked me to drive it down to
the station right away, and even sent me a small check to reimburse
me for my trouble.

I used an 8mm videocam on a tripod and it worked fine.   I didn't follow
the shuttle, I just let it pass across the field of view.  This gave
the TV viewer the sense of it "going by."

Good Passes,


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