Re: IAE Re-entry time?

William Leininger (
Fri, 24 May 1996 17:56:45 -0600

The problem with Phillip Chien's suggestion that I saw STS-77 is that in
that case, it was either more than an hour late, or more than 15 minutes
early, by prediction from TLEs issued both before and after my observation
(as well as being in the wrong part of the sky.)

While I was not able to use my shortwave for timing, I was using a
wristwatch that had been synched to WWV within a week of that time.  The
object I saw was gone in the east by 5:25 am CDT, at the latest.  I get
projections of shuttle passes at 4:10 am and 5:37 am that morning, using
TLEs from 142.68, 143.41, and 143.50.

Oh, well.  I guess I'll wait and see what the post-mission press reports
say about the re-entry.

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