Spysat Stealth

R.B. Minton (rbminton@sembilan.UCHSC.edu)
Fri, 24 May 1996 12:46:37 -0600

To all:  Thanks to everyone, especially John Pike & Ted Molczan, for your 
lengthy & concordat responses to my rather naive thoughts on spysat operations.
Is it accurate to summarize as follows?  The switch to boosters from the shuttle
was for access with little or no consideration for stealth.  This lack of 
concern translates to little or no impact on satellite design or operations.  
All large spysats (except 1) are accounted for.  There is no or little chance of
a new launch going unnoticed or the payload unobserved (except for microsats).
The most important and numerous satellite links are orbital crosslinks.  Thanks
again & this has been very enlightening.

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