T4 observation

Maley, Paul D. (PMALEY@GP808.jsc.nasa.gov)
Fri, 24 May 1996 07:55:27 -0500

Observations was made on Rainer's NOSS related object this morning from 
Houston, Texas. It was about 3 minutes early from his last elset.  The 
following positions were obtained from my video:

TIME (UT)      R.A.  1950          DEC  1950
08h16m29s   13h27m               +51.05
08h16m48s   13h22m               +55.13
08h17m22s   13h09m               +62.55
08h17m43s   12h56m.5            +66.60
08h18m05s   12h38m               +70.70

Accuracy is good to the nearest second (or better) in time and 0.2 degrees. 
 The track was about 0.25 degrees east of the predicted position.

Tracking was over a 1m56s interval. Magnitude fluctutated between +5 to +6 
initially. Timed 31 cycles using the minima and then retimed them using the 
maxima, which had a double peak, sometimes specular. That double peak was 
about 1 second apart.  The FP=3.04 seconds based on 94.15 seconds over 31 
complete cycles.

Paul Maley