Flash 101 available at e-mail/ftp/WWW archives

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Fri, 24 May 1996 14:07:03 +0100 (CET)

Hi SeeSat-ers,

Having recently resumed the editorship, I just finished the 101th issue of 
"Flash", the english-language newsletter of the Belgian Working Group for 
Satellites. This issue is now going to Belgium where it gets printed and
sent to the 70+ subscribers. But the 300 SeeSat-L subscribers can also 
read Flash on the Internet, at the following locations:

1. SeeSat-L e-mail archive server. Send a message with in the subject-field
the words "archive get flash/flash101.uu" (without the quotes) to
to receive a uuencoded/zipped version of a postscript file containing all
38 pages of the current issue. This file is 280 Kb.

2. Oxford ftp-archive at this path:
(which is gzipped).

3. WWW at this URL:

Here's an overview of the contents:

29 Observing geostationary satellites
       Greg Roberts
30 Progress report on Eurosom 2
       Bart De Pontieu
32 Accelerations: an overview
       Kurt Jonckheere
38 The BWGS on Internet
       Bart De Pontieu
39 The orbital evolution of EORSATs
       Bj\"orn Gimle
43 Tracking spy satellites
       compiled by Bj\"orn Gimle and Bart De Pontieu
50 The rotation axis of 95- 32 B
       Bart De Pontieu
53 DRA project revived: 95- 32 B
       Bart De Pontieu
54 Jonathan's Space Report 287
       Jonathan McDowell
56 Satorama
       Leo Barhorst
57 Recent Observations


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