Newspaper Announcements
Wed, 22 May 1996 23:33:54 -0500 (EST)

    If your local newspaper does not mention that the shuttle
will be visible from your location, consider sending them
an announcement (or "news release").
    When I sent announcements to my paper with columns of figures
for azimuths, elevations, and so on, they were ignored.  Then I went
to the following format and both times I submitted it, it was 
featured on the front page:
The space shuttle [Endeavour] STS-77 will be visible from San Angelo on 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, appearing as a 
very bright "star" moving from horizon to horizon for three to
four minutes.

21 May, appearing at 0535 in the south and moving towards 
the east; visible for three minutes

22 May, appearing at 0538 in the southwest and moving 
towards the east; visible for three minutes
[et cetera for remaining days]

The most spectacular shows will be Wednesday and Thursday.

The Inflatable Antenna Experiment (IAE) MAY be visible as 
well, on the same "track" as the shuttle, appearing   
21 May at 0531.  [I goofed and put in too much information 
on the IAE, since I erroneously believed it, too, would
be visible all week.]

Cloudy weather will prevent seeing the space shuttle.

The shuttle will first appear about 20 degrees above the horizon, 
or approximately the distance when the hand is held at arm's 
length with the thumb and the tip of the little finger held as 
far apart as possible, thumb down.  Begin searching about five minutes 
early to allow your night vision to improve.

[since predicted times several days in advance can change by slight
amounts as the actual day approaches, make sure you leave yourself
some room here.  Also, many people's watches are several minutes
off, too.]

Be sure to include your local work & home phone numbers 
so the reporter can call you and verify the information.

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