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At 01:19 PM 5/20/96 -0600, R.B. wrote:
>The current issue of Satellite Times has a list of WWW satellite-related sites;
>but there is a glaring omission of seesat-l.  They mention hearsat-l, and I
>note that Grove is in the address.  Since the names are so similar - is
there a 
>connection between the two sites; and any idea why seesat was omitted?  
>Naturally, I think seesat is the best of those mentioned.

Hello to R.B. and the Seesat-L group. 

I'm going to be off topic and comment on the above regarding this list that
was published in Satellite Times in the May/June issue. 

The list was put together by Seesat-L member Josh Williams. ST had nothing
to do with the content of the list other than post it in the magazine. Any
questions regarding the content of Josh's Big List should be addressed to
him and not Satellite Times magazine. You can reach him through his web page
at the J.R.W. Satellite Page at the following address:

In defense of Josh's list - R. B. if you will look real close to the
listings these are all home page listings and not information on the
newsgroups themselves. Even the Seesat-L home pages are listed (although
Bart and the gang don't call it that name). Seesat was not omitted from the
list as you posted in your original message. It is there along with the
other assets on the web.

As for the connection between hearsat-L and Grove - we host their home page
and newsgroup on the Grove server FREE of CHARGE as a service to the
satellite listening community. We have also made a similiar offer to the
seesat newsgroup, but they are well established and currently do not need
our services. However, should the need arise...Grove is here and will will
help up again with no strings attached and free of charge to this group. We
believe in satellite monitoring and watching and are willing to help groups
providing a great service such as Seesat and Hearsat. Grove does offer any
legit space group that wants a place for a home page or a newsgroup space on
our server. Nothing sinster here for sure R.B. we feel it is our way of
giving something back to the community we serve other than just a magazine. 

Sorry to be off topic, but I felt this needed to be addressed now before
rumors started and things got out of hand.  Good viewing to all.

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